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Hey guys,

I hope that you've heard about the Finisterra Arrabida Film Art & Tourism Festival, if not, I'm certain that you know a video that Kirill made here in Portugal, featuring Lisbon and Sesimbra. Well, this festival I'm talking about is one of the many reasons that video was made. Now I'm helping out as partner and there will be some new stuff coming, such as a timelapse category!
So..now that I have your attention, it's up to you guys to participate whether with a timelapse film, or just an expression of your art and/or visual communication! I wrote a short article on my blog, INCLUDING the Rules and Regulation, the registration sheet and useful links!

I'm asking also for your help on sharing the event, it's a really really big and quite instructive event, you can't miss it!


Best regards to all and may the timelapse be with you! :D

Francesco from Portugal

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