Photosentinel Mini Complete Long Term Setup


New time-lapser
We are selling a Photosentinel Mini, professional solar powered time lapse setup.

This was purchased for a year long contract for our company and is no longer required.

The setup is also supplied with a steel base plate, 8m telescopic mast, and all steel guy ropes for securing and elevating the camera to the ground.

The camera itself is a Fuji film X -A3 which can shoot 24mp images.

It is all self contained in a weatherproof box to keep it protected from the elements.

It's powered by a solar panel and all of the images are uploaded via a 3G SIM card (not supplied) to the internet.

A great camera that stood the test of time and never failed us in a year on site.

All information on this camera can be seen by visiting the photosentinel website.

We are based in the West Midlands in the U.K. We'd like to get £1800 or as close as.

Any questions then please send me a message.


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