Panasonic GH4 video capabilities compared to Canon 5D Mark III


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There is a thing I don't really get about this test. Why didn't they do a comparison between 4K cameras? It's normal that a 4K camera gives you a better result than a compressed 1080p video coming from a 5D MkIII or the BlackMagic Pocket. I would have been curious to see the difference against the BlackMagic 4K.
And what about the RAW that the GH4 export? As far as I know it's not at the same level and quality as the BlackMagic.
If this test was comparing the compressed HD from all 3 models then it would have been a great comparison, but you can't say that the GH4 makes the 5dMkIII look old while comparing 2 different resolutions. It's like if I export a timelapse from the 5D and I try to compare it to the HD from the 5D itself. Of course it won't be the same result and the timelapse will be way better.

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Yes, I don't see the point either in comparing 4k to 1080p. You get 4 times more pixels in the 4k footage, of course it's gonna be sharper...

But if you're trying to decide which camera system is for you, or which system you wanna invest in, then this could be a somewhat good interpretation of the quality you get out of these cameras. Although the Mark III is a more conventional video system, I would have been less surprised if they had chosen the 1DC instead to compare.


That Mark III footage looked a bit soft to me as well, I'm sure I could have got better. Agree with Stoutch about 4k vs 1080p being a bit nuts. I can see it benefitting people deciding between the Mark III and GH4 though, but i'd definitely need more evidence before making a decision.


The 4K video clip is always going to be better due to the amount of resolution it captures. However, shooting good 4K video is very tricky. For example, you can pan and tilt more smoothly with a 1080 camera vs with a 4K. The speed of the pan will impact the quality of the video. 4K does have some limitations on how much movement you can do with the camera vs the well established 1080p. Until viewing devices for 4K can keep up with the high data rate of 100 to 200mbps creating camera movement with 4K will be very difficult. At the current time, 30 fps is the standard for digital online viewing. Perhaps 60fps will need to be the standard for smooth 4K video.

At any rate, 4K looks very tasty when the camera is static.

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