Pan and tilt heads: TB3, Stage R or...

Nils duMortier

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Hello guys

I've been looking to upgrade my DIY-slider with 2 additional axis. It's important that it is compatible with my MX3.

Currently I'm doubting between the Emotimo TB3 and the Dynamic Perception Stage R. They come in at about the same price.

Has anyone here worked with both? Which one would you buy if you had the choice? Or is there maybe another one within that price class I'm overlooking?


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Jay Burlage from Facebook says:

The Stage R system would be plug and play with the MX3. as you probably know Dynamic Perception also has an awesome stepper system as well that can be controlled with 4 operating systems: iOS, Android, OSX and Windows.
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Got also William Briscoe's:

I'm using an Emotimo with an mx3. Loving both of them, although I am about to convert my slider motor over to an emotimo stepper for the sake of precision.


I use both the Stage R and eMotimo TB3 but I would suggest the eMotimo when connected to the MX3 since you won't have accurate control over the end points with the Stage R when using the MX3 controller. With the eMotimo you set up your start and end points which takes just a few seconds then enter your intervals, speed ramps, and exposure delay and you're set to go. The eMotimo TB3 sends a pulse to the MX3 to tell it to move to the next position in between shots.

If you think you may upgrade to DP's NMX controller fairly soon then the better option is the Stage R since the work very well together with the Free (and simple to use) iOS and Android apps. The Stage R has a lower center of gravity, weighs a bit more, and can be used in windy conditions - all things that make it a better option over the eMotimo - assuming you're pairing it with the MX3.

Nils duMortier

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Thanks for the response!

I've only had my MX3 for less then a year, so for now I'll stick with that. The easy setup of the eMotimo start and end points are definitely important to me. Is there a possibility to set up more then two points? (start-mid-end for instance?)

Still in doubt but at least I have some comparing info now. In Holland there is a place to rent the Stage R, I'll probably do that before buying (if its not too expensive).


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Yes there is an option, you can set up 3 keyframes on the eMotimo. I have my TB3 for a year now, and I'm really loving it, don't know how the Stage R is in windy conditions. The only down side of the TB3 is that there is a minimal camera shake with really heavy wind, but you can fix that in post so easy with an warp stabilizer

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