Olá from Portugal

Francesco Cerruti

Hey timelapse around the world!

My name is Francesco Cerruti, I'm an Italian born and raised in Portugal.. Why Italian if born and raised in Portugal? Well.. my father is Italian and my mother is Portuguese, and I decided to keep the Italian nationality.

I've started to make timelapse in 2005 for a project, at that time, to be honest I didn't even know that what i was doing was called timelapse, recorded a sunset with a miniDV camera. I still have that result :p

Today I'm working as a Audiovisual Technician, working on the several areas, Video, Photography, Audio and so on. However.. I've got timelapse in my heart and I'm starting a website where timelapse tutorials and gear review that I make will be there.
I'm always looking to create more content, specially reviews, but I'm having a hard time with connection. Tried DitoGear, Syrp, Manfrotto, and some Portuguese companies. So far I've managed to find myself with a couple of thousand views per week, hoping to get more. I will not place any link to the site since this is not an ad or publicity.

I'm here presenting myself and what I do. Of course any tips to keep me "pumped up" and motivated are welcome, I'm all alone here guys..

Best regards to all!!

May timelapse be with you all!


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Ciao Francesco, nice to have you here mate!
We should make everything to bring as much (portuguese, in this case) people in here, and make this forum grow day by day!

Take care, and welcome home!

Francesco Cerruti

Ciao Marco and Hi Alan!

Thank you both for the reply, I'm reeeeeeeeaaly trying to spread timelapse throughout Portugal and both Facebook pages and website dedicated to Portuguese timelapse. I'm getting a TV interview soon and spreading the technique with Workshops. Two already booked ;) More and more people are doing timelapse, some already with sliders. Too bad, I can't afford one for now.. I'm looking for a sponsor or something like that... I've worked with a Portuguese developing their prototype, unfortunately some key features that I pointed out weren't implemented...
I'm looking for some kind of sponsor or "trade of", maybe a company interested in entering the Portuguese market that's growing. I already have the support from Gunther and I'm waiting an answer from Patryk.

If anyone could give a hand, somehow, that'll be great!!

Thank you guys!!
Best regards from this humble Italian that was born and raised in Portugal.

May the timelapse be with you ;)


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Did you also try contacting Kietacam from the nearer Spain?
They also have gorgeous products :)

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