Nikon Hack - a newborn "Magic Lantern" for Nikon dslrs


New time-lapser
I would like to inform the community about the work of Simeon Pilgrim and the team/community that is working on an alternative firmware for the Nikon dslrs and improve their video-capabilities.
The main features reached until now are:

-manual controlos in LV on the entry level cameras (as on D7000)
-clean LCD and HDMI out
-no-brand batteries support
-uncompressed NEF files (eliminates the Nikon "star eater" - for astro folks)§
-no time limit to videos (until the 4gb limiti for the file is reached)
& the best:
-HIGHER BITRATES for the 1080p24/25 video mode, from the original 18Mbps to 36/49/64 (that appears to be the upper limit)

Her you can find the changelog.

I've tested the last BETa on my D7000. Is not simple as Magic Lantern and could appear a little scary. You're going to upload in your camera a custom firmware, downloaded from the official nikon site, then patched trough an online tool. In my case worked flawlessly but there are some recommendations, as use original and full charged batteries during the hack and avoid every movement to prevent every failure of power during the upgrade of the firmware.
The camera can be bring back to original firmware simply upgrading again it with the FW from Nikon.

-the 4:2:2 encoding of the back LCD dictates a limitation in the replay: 49-54 Mbps bitrates can be played on camera only if your SD is fast enough - SDHC, or XC, class 10, 90MB/s cards are required; 64/64 Mbps cannot be played due to hardware limitations, instead the 34-36 modes give no problems.
-fast cards are required also for writing, to avoid dropped frames and overheating
-even if eliminates the limit restriction of the video every file cannot be over 4gb (damn filesystem) , so higher bitrates will cut the maximum leght aprrox to 8-12 minutes.

Here there the link of the community nikonhacker, where you will find all the news and the releases.

WARNING: ALL THAT YOU DO IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Installing or using a modified firmware is a potentially dangerous operation. We take no responsibility in case of damage, injury, or anything that could happen as a result of applying such a firmware. In particular, installing such a firmware could brick (destroy) your camera or even set it on fire if you are using a bad battery. Neither me, the NikonHacker team or Nikon corporation shall be held responsible for such use or abuse of your material. By installing or using a modified firmware, you accept the terms of this disclaimer.



New time-lapser
And here you can find some footage I put together after an afternoon spent running by the streets of Trento (Italy). I shot almost all the footage in the new area of Le Albere, a cutting-edge egineered and designed urban zone still almost unpopulated.
Reviewing the footage i felt sick for the shakiness of my hands (i've not my tripod here!), but the shots transformed into something I felt touching.


Shot on a Nikon D7000
-Nikkor 50 1.4D
-Nikon Hacker Patch for 1080p24 @49Mbps
-Flaat_11 Picture Style by Similaar
-1/50, f2.8-6.3, ISO 100-640

I'm not really happy of the result, i feel that theese sensors need newer G lenses to give their best, but my 85 1.8G handheld drives to inadmissible jello effect.
Waiting to get my hands again on my tripod.

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