Night sky timelapse workshop in Acadia National Park, June 21-25

Aaron Priest

Active time-lapser
I'm teaching a 4 day/night workshop on night sky timelapses with my good friends at Acadia Images Photography Workshops in Acadia National Park, June 21-25. Accommodations at their guesthouse is included. Some of the topics we will be covering are exposing for the night sky, Milky Way & star movement / positions throughout the seasons, methods of powering your camera externally for long timelapses and combating dew & frost, composition, choosing locations, motion control (sliders, 2-axis pan/tilt heads, eMotimo, Dynamic Perception, etc.), various hardware & software intervalometers (Promote Control, Ramper Pro, DslrDashboard, etc.), "holy grail" ramping (manually, bulb mode, automatic with some of the new histogram monitoring intervalometers), post-processing & rendering (LRTimelapse, Lightroom, Camera RAW, After Effects, etc.), noise-reduction & deflickering, output codecs & bitrates (ProRes, Cineform, H.264, etc.) for various destinations (4K, broadcast, web, etc.), and lots of other fun stuff! We keep the workshops small (6 participants max) to keep them personal with lots of hands-on experience. It's filling up fast, there are only two spots left! Visit for more information and to register.

Here is a night sky photography guide that I put together recently, from several presentations I've given and workshops I've taught in the past:

Here are some timelapse videos from past workshops in Acadia, and two recent holy grail sequences I've shot for clients:


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