Night Photography: how to prevent dew condensation or freezing


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hey guys,

I've just known that DitoGear has released a new version of their "Dry Eye", a lightweight system you bring with yourself during your night shooting sessions in order to prevent freezing or condensation.

DryEye prevents dew condensation or freezing of the camera lenses during longterm shooting in humid or low temperature conditions. Iit may be also used to clean the lens that has already got frost or when the dew already condensed on the lens surface.

The maximum temperature of the heater is around 50°C so it is completely safe for the optics and strong enough to prevent dew condensation or lens freezing in all conditions.

The DitoGear Dry Eye has a manual temperature offset control.​

Check this out, maybe this could be a nice idea..

More info on Dry Eye here.

Hi Marco,
Interesting piece of equipment. I have personally used regular disposable hand warmers with powder inside for years. However they seem to loose their effect after a few hours of use.
I cant seem to find the Dry Eye product on their website anymore. Do you know where to find it?


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