Jiri Bajak

New time-lapser

Before 15,5 years Gandalf and Hobbits invites me to the Shire. Now, after spending half of my life dreaming about this journey finally i have an opportunity to visit the beautiful New Zealand and search for my old friends...but i didn´t know, where the Shire was.
So i have to explore every corner of NZ, amazing westcoast, Southern Alps, Wanaka surroudings, highest moutains, deepest forests, lakes, glow-worm caves, Mount Doom and other volcanoes, glaciers, climb above the clouds and swim around Abel Tasman, get through dry plains and green pastures around Matamata...and still can´t find them :(
I stop there and slowly stopped believing i wouldn´t reach my dream, history became legend, legend became myth, and for six and a half weeks Hobbits and Gandalf passed out of all knowledge. It was in this moment when all hope had faded that I raised my head up and saw it!
THE SHIRE! The beginning of my adventure!


Jiri Bajak

New time-lapser
Thank you Marco for feedback,
i bring home 22TB of data and i am creating 3 videos...its damn hard to squeeze everything cool into 3 videos :D


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Haha i do understand what you mean! ;)

Thanks for the submission

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