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hey guys,

just received this news from my friend Elijah Parker (Timelapse+) announcing a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom, which looks definitely promising.

Thought it was worth a share - please let me know!

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Turn Adobe Photoshop Lightroom into a powerful time-lapse editor with this Plugin

Minneapolis, Minnesota - August 9th 201 7 -- Time lapse hardware maker Timelapse+ announced the introduction of the Timelapse Workflow plugin. A suite of four essential tools for time-lapse post-processing in Lightroom designed to simplify common use cases in post-processing of timelapse videos. Group photos by time-lapse, automatically create keyframes (for holy-grail sequences), blend settings between keyframes and preview your time-lapse -- all without leaving Lightroom.

And since it’s a Lightroom plugin, it is agnostic towards any exposure ramper in your camera bag. It’s compatible with the Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer, RamperPro, DSLRDashboard, or manually-manage holy-grail sequences. No external metadata or additional steps are needed for smooth holy-grail processing. Smooth in-camera exposure changes to eliminate flicker from that source, so for exposure ramping with a low or locked aperture, this plugin should be all that is needed (it doesn’t correct for aperture-induced flicker).

“After meeting in person with a customer to walk them through post-processing, I realized that for many people, if they’re not already familiar with the process, it can be complicated and it’s easy to mess up and get disappointing results while working.” Said Elijah Parker, Founder of Timelapse+, “ If you're doing any kind of day-to-night or night-to-day, this plugin becomes essential for blending changes in white balance or exposure across a series of frames. It’s mainly for those starting out that just want great results with a minimal learning curve.”

How would this fit in your workflow?

  • Group photos by time-lapse: After importing images, this automatically works with the images currently in the

    library grid and intelligently separates them into collections by time-lapse sequence. You can select multiple folders or even your entire library if you're doing it for the first time. This way you don’t have to guess where the time-lapse starts and ends.

  • Auto create keyframes: Once you have a sequence in the current view, the next step is to create keyframes. The keyframes are the images you edit, and the plugin takes care of applying those edits to the rest of the sequence. While you can mark the keyframes yourself, the plugin makes it easy by identifying transition points to ensure the entire sequence is properly edited. This is especially important for holy-grail sequences where the white balance will vary significantly.

  • Blend settings between keyframes: This is where the plugin really flexes it’s muscle. It interpolates the develop settings between each keyframe, making for smooth transitions and animations and flicker-free exposure ramping. Local adjustments such as brushes, gradients, masks and even the clone tool are smoothly blended between keyframes. If a local adjustment is present on a single keyframe but not on the adjacent keyframes, it will be copied to the adjacent keyframes with the corrections set to zero, then interpolated between, resulting in it fading in/out, with the full strength of the correction peaking at the original keyframe where it was created. Local adjustments and the crop can also be animated.

    For example, if you start with the first keyframe, add a gradient, then copy that gradient to the second keyframe and change it's position or anything else about it, those changes will be animated between the first and second keyframe. This can be useful if you want local corrections in a certain area that's moving across the frame in a motion control sequence. It can also animate the crop for a Ken-Burns effect or even animate brushes and gradients for crazy stuff. Feel free to edit however you want -- the blend tool will ensure a smooth output. In-camera exposure changes are handled automatically, too -- if you changed any camera settings during the time-lapse, don't worry -- the blend tool will feather each change across multiple frames so you get flicker-free results without abrupt changes.

  • ● Preview time-lapse: As a final step, the plugin allows you to get a feel for the end result before you spend the time exporting and rendering it. Playback at various speeds and scrub through frames.

  • It does not analyze images for luminance changes, and therefore cannot correct flicker caused by something such as aperture variation, and there are no immediate plans to add this. For true deflickering, try TLDF, GBDeflicker, LRTimelapse, or Sequence.

  • It doesn’t render the images to a video, so you'll need to export the image sequence from Lightroom and render it with another program outside Lightroom ( if you add some slideshow templates, you can render the image sequence to a video entirely within Lightroom. Unfortunately, this method is limited to 1080p). If you're using After Effects or Motion, the image sequence can be loaded into them directly. LRTimelapse also has good integration with Lightroom for rendering and more. On Mac, I highly recommend TLDF. Sequence is also nice simple Mac program that can be used for rendering the exported images.

    Pricing, updates, and availability

    A free 7-day trial. Free for people who own the VIEW intervalometer. A one time $49 for general use. No monthly subscription or internet connection required (an internet connected is initially required for registration).

    Useful Links:


    Check out the FAQ here:

    Demo video:

    About Timelapse+

    Timelapse+ is an innovator in hardware for time-lapse and HDR photography, with the original Timelapse+ Intervalometer and the new VIEW Intervalometer. You might remember the company from the successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2016.


New time-lapser
I think it will take some time until it will be fully stable and reliable.
I will certainly try, but haven't yet found something better than LRTimelapse.

Elijah Parker

New time-lapser
I think it will take some time until it will be fully stable and reliable.
I will certainly try, but haven't yet found something better than LRTimelapse.
Well, before assuming too much, give it a try and let me know -- I'd love to get your feedback. Additionally it's not a 1:1 replacement for LRT, but the main point is that for common tasks such as keyframing develop settings, it's really quick since it's all inside LR. Thanks!


New time-lapser
I'll make sure to check it out in my next project. Will also ask Gunther if there's any way that the timelapse workflow in Lightroom can be combined with LRT.

Elijah Parker

New time-lapser
I'll make sure to check it out in my next project. Will also ask Gunther if there's any way that the timelapse workflow in Lightroom can be combined with LRT.
Thanks! And yes, it would be nice to make them compatible where the plugin can handle as much as possible for speed, and then pass the rest on to LRTimelapse where more is needed such as in the case of deflickering from aperture or also for rendering (the plugin doesn't manage rendering at all).

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