New Time-lapse De-Flicker Tool: TLDF


New time-lapser
Haha... It is Apple's and My fault. I set up to automatically renew my app developer membership but Apple did not do it and stopped my app from appearing in the App Store :(

Now I renewed my membership and Apple told me it is back online. I checked that it is online on the US app store now. Please check again! It should appear soon on German App Store.


New time-lapser

My app is designed for deflickering. LRTimelapse's main selling point is also deflickering.

I hope some one can compare them and give an objective review.

Kurt Wall

New time-lapser
Hi Jinsheng,

I recently downloaded the sample version of your app to deflicker a time lapse I created of the eclipse yesterday. It worked well until the the darkest part of the eclipse. At this point TLDF turned about 6 frames into green mush. I ran the TLDF several times at various output options and the results were the same every time. Any way to fix it so the image doesn't turn green and super blocky and pixelated?


I'll post the time lapse soon and put the link here when I can.

Joey 1982

I purchased this app and it does the work perfectly, but it needs some updates. some simple and basic features are not supported and that's really annoying.


New time-lapser
Thanks. I am working on TLDF 2.0 with many new features: editing, preview for quick look at the result of deflicker, masking for partial blending or noise reduction (great for removing local flicker or blending away annoying objects), raw image support, multi-core for fast rendering, 10+ bit output with ProRes422 and ProRes4444... It is completely rewritten with 100% native Mac OSX library. It will be available soon with slightly higher price. But everyone who purchased the full version will get free upgrade.

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