New Time-lapse De-Flicker Tool: TLDF


New time-lapser

I created a time-lapse de-flicker tool (called TLDF) that simplifies the time-lapse flickering removal. It is available on Mac App Store. There are versions: free (renders up to 720p) and full (up to 8K). The apps are called "TLDF".

Just take all the pictures in any auto exposure mode and import the files to TLDF, which will generate a new sequence of de-flickered and de-noised files. There are two key features in TLDF: 1. Pixel level adjustment: Instead of globally changing the exposure for all the pixels by the same value, TLDF adjusts brightness of each pixel individually to optimize the flicker free effect for overall sequence. Most photo editing tools (Lightroom and plugins etc.) cannot do this. 2. Noise Reduction: Some of the flickers are caused by the noise. TLDF's noise reduction algorithm will further reduce the flicker from time-lapse sequence and generate beautiful clean skies.

Full Version in Mac App Store:
Free Version in Mac App Store:
Demo on Youtube:

Please try and let me know what you think!
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hey @Jinsheng
no official website of the app yet, right?

What is the added value brought by your app? I mean, what about it compared to LRTimelapse for example? Just curious, uh! cause an Italian friend of mine has developed something cool called TLTools which is doing basically the same thing, after LRTimelapse switched to the premium model, and he did not want to purchase it, so he created his own deflickering app and released it for free :)

thanks for this, waiting for your news/updates on that


New time-lapser

That is a really good question. I have been asked this question by several time-lapse pros. I have been thinking about this too.

I originally developed this app to make time-lapse photograph easy for everybody from amateurs to pros. I have watched several tutorials about LRTimelapse. It looked intimidatingly hard to do. The cost is not problem. I would have bought LRTimelapse and used it for my time-lapse if it had been easier to use. On the other hand, I acknowledge that LRTimelapse is a great tool and many pros relies on it to generate great videos. I also know that LRTimelapse is not made only for reducing the flicker.

Without an ideal tool for time-lapse deflickering, I started writing my own. I thought it should be easy in the beginning. I implemented the moving average of the exposures and adjusted each image exposure value to this moving average (I think this is what LRTimelapse does). This method only worked moderately good for footage with minor flickering. For sunset, sunrise, and accompanied by crazy cloud and artificial light it didn't work. Some part of image gets darker, some parts get brighter. I have dug really deep to come up what I have now in my app. This process is very exciting experience for me.

Let me summaries what separates my app to the others for now (I am still improving it and will be updated on Mac App Store. I have been spending some time marketing it now :) ):

1. Pixel level brightness adjustment. Pixel brightness level is adjusted by different values to minimize the flickering for overall sequence. This level of change cannot be expressed with XMP file (LRTimelapse's change is saved to XMP file). And, this is done without changing the appearance of the images.
2. Noise reduction. In shadow areas of images, there are always noises, which is another cause of flickering (You can check my introduction video: in the second example (sunrise), in the original sequence you can the bricks of the house flickering because of noise). This noise reduction algorithm is not single image noise reduction algorithm, which cause the reduction in detail.

How can be tools used?

1. For LRTimelapse users, this tool complements your workflow. After done with LRTimelapse, import the images to TLDF. It will further reduce the flicker and generate clean skies and shadows.
2. For other uses, simply shoot in aperture priority mode (in RAW), edit (Lightroom), export, import to TLDF, export, import to your favorite rendering tool (Premiere CC).

For only $19.99, you will find it brings far more joy than a meal in restaurant :)
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Ha ha I know I was not complaining obviously on the price cause your hard job I'm sure should be paid somehow.

And besides, anyone is free to decide which business model to adopt.

That said, it definitely looks promising and I was wondering if you have already a user base or just started selling it


New time-lapser
Update! Version 1.1.1 is available to download from Mac App Store with great new features.

What's New:

1. Added video support. You can now directly de-flicker time lapse videos (previous version only let you de-flicker image sequence).
2. ProRes support. You can export time lapse sequence to high quality ProRes 422 codecs.
3. 16-bit input/edit/output. If the input has more 8-bit color depths (including ProRes videos), TLDF will edit in 16-bit and output in 16-bit for TIFF images and 10-bit for ProRes videos.

The update is free with the original purchase.


New time-lapser
Version 1.2.0 is available for upgrade and download!

New Features in TLDF 1.2.0:

1. Automatic Removal of Hard to Fix Frames. This version is able to detect still flickering frames after applying the de-flickering algorithm and remove them from the sequence.
2. Fine Control of Noise Reduction Level. Users can choose how much noise reduction to apply to the time-lapse sequence.
3. Direct Rendering of Image Sequence to Video. This version can be used as an encoder or transcoder of the original images or videos.

Download links:

Demo Video:


New time-lapser
I just tried, buying this app on the Mac App Store. Clicked on BUY and then I needed to login to my account, so far all good. But then it stopped with a message that the app is currently not available and stopped after that with an error. Tried it a few times. Just can't buy this app. Whats going on ?


New time-lapser
Thank you very much for buying the app! With all the improvements made up to the current version 1.5.0, it will do a great job deflickering your timelapse.

The app is definitely available on the Mac App Store because I can see from my developer's account that people are buying it. I suggest you try the following:

1. Try downloading another app from the Mac App Store and see if you can get it successfully.
2. Make sure your internet connection is not interrupted during download.
3. Update to the latest Mac OS.

If it still doesn't work, please contact the apple support. I am sure they know how to solve this.

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