New Slider ONE eXtention Track 240 ShooTools


New time-lapser
The perfect camera slider for the Timelapser always on the move.
You have at your disposal 3 rails, in way to set-up a slider of 80, 160 or 240cm

Maximum portability, in only one bag of 80cm you can carry with you a slider of 240cm.
Perfect for extreme location and the timelapser that flight frequently.

You can make great tracking shots with the rail of 80cm, the best size of rail for the filmmaker.

About ShooTools:
ShooTools is an Italian company, situated next to Venice, which design and manufacture filmmakers motion equipment, such as sliders, dollies, turntables and motion controls used all over the world.
A crew with a great passion and long experience in the mechanical video and photographic field that aim to replicate the Cinema tools in the Filmmakers World.
Attention to details, high level performances and care for our customers make ShooTools a point
of reference for the best videmakers.

And to prove this, ShooTools offer an international 5-year guarantee of their products.


New time-lapser
It's sure I will :D

I already saw a couple of your videos some months ago (those kind of about the building process) and I really enjoyed them!
Maybe there are some new more I still haven't seen ^_^

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