New camera backpack: any suggestions?


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Until now I have carried my gear around in a regular backpack. I will be expanding my gear list in the near future and I'm looking for a backpack that can hold (most of):

-2 tripods
-2 camera bodies
-3 lenses
-at least 1 DP StageR unit + controller
-other accessories needed for the above to shoot TL

Does anyone have any suggestions? What do you use, and why would/wouldn't you recommend it?

Aaron Priest

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I use an f-stop Satori EXP with an XL Pro ICU. I added two Dakota lens barrels to the sides for more lenses. I easily carry a D810, 14-24mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 (sometimes, it's heavy!), nodal slide, Ramper Pro, Goal Zero Sherpa 100, DewNot heater strip, DewBuster Controller, eMotimo, Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly (two 20" segments), cables, and two tripods mounted on the outside. And still have a little room in the outside back zipper pockets for water, solar panel, jacket, snacks, etc. All the weight adds up quickly of course, but the bag holds a LOT!

Herbert Lim

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I am using F-Stop Satori to carry as many as equipments as you. I also carry DynamicPerception Stage one and Stage R.
I bought F-Stop Satori not only to carry those camera equipments but also to bring small tent, matt, burner, etc. to stay all night in the mountain.
I recommend F-Stop backpacks.
I use a Camelbak mil spec H.A.W.G. with some padded inserts and lens wraps. 2 DSLRs, 2 lenses. I hand carry one of the cameras mounted to the large tripod. And have a smaller tripod and chair attached to the bag. This is a small bag, but it keeps me hydrated, and can hold a daypack worth of food and survival gear. There are larger Camelbak backpacks that have a lot more room. If I had to carry more gear, a US Army Alice Pack with frame would be my choice. As the frame would make carrying the weight a lot easier on the back.

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