Need stable tripod for $250-300


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I need a tripod to support my 55" DIY Chronos HD rail, (2) Dynamic Perception Stage-R's, camera/battery/controller, etc.

What is the best deal for a very stable tripod that is relatively lightweight? (The price must include a heavy duty ball head with Arca swiss mount. The ball head can be of a different make than the tripod legs) My price range is $250 - 300.

I would assume that the Mefoto Globetrotter would be shaky due to it's 5 segment legs, despite it's weight capacity of 26.4lbs. Also not sure about the steadiness/strength of its included ballhead.

I currently own a Silk 700DX with a fluid head. It's heavy, but stable. I'm thinking about getting an Induro HDB1 or HDB2 ballhead to replace the fluid head, unless there is a better suggestion for extreme strength for the money.

Appreciate your insight!


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I use a benro tripod with a manfrotto head. They are not expensive and they are super strong. Never had any issues so far. Check the models in my signature.


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I use a Feisol Tournament CT-3342 which has no centre column, therefore removing one more component to flex. Not cheap, but very rigid and only 1Kg! Here's a photo:

The Benro's are probably the best bang for buck in carbon (at least the last time I looked). I have a C1570F with flip locks. Also very rigid and just over 1kg.

For a real bargain head in terms of strength at the expense of 1.5kg weight, look at the Amazon/Ravelli tripod and head deal. I got this for around £40, but they now appear to be bundling a video style tripod with it at just under £56. I only used the head which I think is a rip-off of a better known manufacturer's design. It's supposed to be fluid, but my specimen is hopeless as a video head, but it does have extraordinary grip. Can't imagine you could buy anything stronger for the money.

Here's mine in use:

Find it on Amazon:

Frank Kinnaman

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seconding Andy's comment about the cheap ravel I think I have the same one he refers to "APGL5" - absolutely dirt cheap but really solid and not horrible weight (yeah its the one thats no good for video).
Andy your project is great, I saw the original one a couple months ago and the new one looks great. Fantastic job man!


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@stoutch, how are yours working in lots of wind? I'm planning about buying 2 new tripods, and a few days ago my camera almost kissed the ground because of a shit load of wind, I almost felt down also hahaha...


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I love my benro and i just used it in iceland where conditions where crazy! I couldn't stand still but the tripod was fine! Spike feets down in the ground and lowered the tripod as down as possible! Worked just fine!

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