Need software to extract time-lapse from existing 30 fps video clip

Scott Janssen

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Hi all,
I'm not trying to do time-lapse in the sense of shooting a frame every minute and then turning that into a movie. I'm instead trying to take an existing 30 fps video file, remove 29 of the 30 frames from each second, and end up with a video that's dramatically sped up, like a lot of the inter-scene sequences you may have seen in the TV series, "Breaking Bad." I don't want to just speed up the video, as that won't get the amount of time acceleration I'm looking for. I'm looking to compress a sunrise or sunset sequence that was 30 minutes in real time down to maybe 5 seconds. So I literally just need to systematically remove most of the frames. I don't want to reshoot using software that controls my camera and takes a frame every so often either. I'd like to start with a full-length, real-time 30 fps video and remove frames to get to the amount of time acceleration I'm looking for.

There's an application for Macintosh that does this well and it's called FrameThief. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 2006 and no longer runs on newer Macintosh systems. I'm not constrained to Macintosh for a solution though; I've got Macs and Windows systems, so if any of you know of any software that will remove frames (not just accelerate playback), then please let me know. I've already spent several hours on Google searching for solutions, only to find that each promising looking candidate did something else related to time-lapse, such as controlling the camera and taking a frame every so often, or speeding up the footage, or something else. I'm specifically looking for software that will remove frames. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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From Facebook:

Export the video as a still image sequence. Pull out every 30th frame and assemble as a timelapse.

Or you could use after effects to add motion blur and just speed it way up.


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