Need help with multi-day time-lapse set to only shoot during day


You would might be able to program the specific period into the Qdlsr Dashboard app. I not quite sure though.
I have previously used the Hähnel giga T Pro that has a programable delay before it starts to trigger, and it also has a maximum amount of frames function. If you know your interval, the period your need to shoot, you should be able to calculate how many photos the Hähnel should be set to.
Other than that, you may have to invest in some long term timelapse equipment with 4G or Wifi controlling.


New time-lapser
For a full integrated system with weatherproofing, solar power with lithium ion battery, and cellular connectivity, I'm of course going to recommend photoSentinel. Our brand new photoSentinel Mach II is pretty awesome!

Aside from photoSentinel, if you have AC power and you're willing to put more work in for a DIY solution, then you can investigate running GB Timelapse on a Windows PC, which according to reports is quite reliable. If you're really technical, then you could do a search for long term time-lapse with raspberry pi and see what comes up.

Lastly, Morten Rustad has done a five part Vlog on his DIY construction time-lapse which you might find interesting. It's nearly 60 minutes of watching, but some of his experience might save you some time and pain.


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