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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but i couldn't find another thread similar.

My name is Zaren i am from the uk and i am after some advice.

I recently posted a timelapse film which i made of the Town Bergen in Norway, it has been live for just over a day. Today i received an email from a newspaper based in Bergen, they would like to use the film on their website. This is amazing and i am really happy however i am not sure how top go about it from here.

They offered to credit me on the website and post links to my facebook page, however they didn't offer to pay me a fee.

My question is should i ask for a fee? I don't want to risk missing this opportunity but at the same time i don't want to sell myself short. As you know it takes allot of time to shoot edit and put together a timelapse film and it was all done in my spare time, i'm by no means a full time photographer and have a "normal" 9-5.

Anyway i hope someone out there could help and give me some sound advice.

Thank you in advance.



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If they just want to make a news item saying "hey check out this cool timelapse film of our town" then no, I wouldn't ask for money, and they don't even need to ask permission to post something like that. It's clicks for them, and free publicity for you. You both win.

However, if they want to use (parts of your video) for, say, a banner or some other structural part of their site then yes, I would ask for some money.

How much is an entirely different story and that would depend on what exactly they want to use, for how long, intended audience, etc.

BTW can you post a link to the video in this forum?


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They weren't very clear about what they wanted to use it for, they just said they wanted it for their website. I will try to get more detail from them.

I agree if its for an article it would be beneficial to me, more work may come my way off the back of it. In some ways that may be the best option as the exposure would be greater. Thank you Zoeperkoe for the advice.

The link to the video is here:



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Glad you could find some help on this mate!

Take care and good luck with this!

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