My Passport Wireless: portable HDD with SD reader built-in


Only bummer about this for me is the price. I'd like one that just has the SD card reader and no WiFi features for a little less money. But it is nice to see WD thinking about the needs of people who actually use their gear and coming up with something new.


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Completely agree, especially about the pricing. Was so excited to see this (sad, I know!) that didn't consider the SD slot and no WiFi. I'm on holiday in October and I'll just take an external HDD and OTG Cable for my android, plus USB bits, transfer it via phone or tablet...


Another question I would have is whether or not the drive can run off of a USB cord. I don't want to add my external hard disks to the list of devices I have to remember to charge. Even if just the disk function worked like a normal drive while plugged in to a computer I'd be happy.

I do like that a WiFi enabled camera can be setup to save onto the disk as well. Nice extra layer of backup for when that makes sense.


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You can use it as a normal external drive with the usb 3 cable included. The charge is made via the usb port that is the same you use to connect it to your computer. So it will be charging while connected and while you are using it as a normal external drive.

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