MTD#6 warm with love - the various pleasures of living & working in Thailand


I have been shooting a video diary with my Gopro since the day I said goodbye to my static London life & set out on a barefoot journey of international discovery & time-lapse inspired adventures.

Moving Timelapse Diary #6 takes a good look at my life & work in Thailand. From new born kittens to crazy tuk tuk rides to the kind of places you wouldn't take your mother to... then to my After Effects computer wizardry, a time-lapse countdown sequence and a little respect for those who try in their own way to improve the lives of other people.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who help me on this journey :)

For the time-lapse shot at the start I used a Canon 5D mkii. For motion control: Digislider track, Orion 3-axis mount, Photomatix Pro for the HDR processing, Lightroom, After Effects & Final Cut Pro. Video footage shot on Gopro, Hero 3.

Music provided by Epidemic Sound

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