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Mt Bromo has been at the very top of my bucketlist for years, I just love volcanos and this is one the most photogenic. Finally time came to visit it and I wanted to do something more than shoot just some photos or a few time lapse scenes, so I decided to shoot a day/night time lapse movie when the Milky Way would be visible (actually I decided to work on my TimeScapes project here as well, but more about that in a next post). Weather conditions were just horrible when I was there. I planned 10 days, ended up staying a month altogether (2 trips) to get my footage. Clouds, mist and dew were big issues and I only had a handful of clear, good (cold!) nights. Most nights I returned home with nothing but foggy scenes and wet gear. Even daytime scenes were hard to shoot, mostly no clouds or too many clouds. You all know the challenges, I'm not complaining. Loved every minute of it! That's a lie, actually :)

Mt Bromo is the active volcano with smoke coming out of it, almost non stop. To the right is the dormant Mt Batok. There's another dormant volcano behind Batok. In the background is Java's highest volcano, Mt Semeru, it puffs out smoke every 20 minutes or so. Semeru is 4km high, Bromo is at 2,5km above sea level, which last erupted a few years ago. Only smoke every comes out of it, never any lava. You can hear it rumble throughout the day, sometimes even from a few km away. The volcano is sacred to the locals, who sacrifice stuff (even still alive goats) to the volcano. The origin of this ritual lies in the 15th century. A princess who couldn’t bare any children and with her husband sought help from the mountain gods. They granted them 24 children, but the 25th was to be sacrificed to the volcano.

Altogether an amazing location and I never felt happier to shoot somewhere. Just didn't expect it would be this hard and sacrificed my Java trip for. Hope you think it was worth it ;)

Cameras: Nikon D750 + D800 + Sony RX100iv
Lenses: Nikon 20/1.8 + Nikon 16/2.8 fisheye + Nikon 28-300/3.5-5.6
Accessories: Syrp Genie Mini
Apps: Photopills app for planning. QDSLRDashboard for time lapse
Software: Bridge + Photomechanic for image viewing. Photoshop + Lightroom for editing. LRTimelapse for creating smooth time lapses and deflickering. After Effects for composing the time lapse movies.

Music: ‘Bloodstorm’ by Simon Wilkinson,

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