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This is a motorized camera dolly for the Dynamic Perception NMX. It gives you the freedom to drive for your third axis time-lapse or motion control video production. This is an incredible motion control device that will free your captures to what you can imagine. You will no longer be limited to you slider or track legnth. This motorized dolly has 4.3" wheels and has dual ball bearings for each set of wheels.

All 3 sets of wheels independently rotate to capture straight drives as well as curved or circle moves. Straight drives will require an alignment process that will include driving and adjusting the rotation of the wheel bracket assembly. The longer the forward drive the more critical the alignment process is to ensure complete accuracy.
This dolly comes wired for the Dynamic Perception NMX controller and has a 19:1 motor and folds up for convenient travel.
I am asking $550 for this motorized dolly and US shipping is preferred but international shipping is available. Payment by PayPal.

I used the same model dolly to create this video

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