Milky Way Timelapse: best gear to start with?

Nazmus Sakib

New time-lapser
Hi All.

I am going to buy a Canon DSLR. My dream is to shoot some Milky Way Timelapse. I am quite confused about getting the best gears to start with. So far I have the below choices and will be glad to get your valued advise.

EOS 6D with 24-105 f/4L. I know for star Astrophotography recommended is to use f-stop 2.8 (or less). So is it possible to get good picture result using my gear with 24mm @ f/4 with the 6D? EF Lens with f/2.8 cost very high so I can not afford it.

On the other hand I also thought about shooting with 70D with Kit Lens EF-S 18mm @ f/3.5. I know its APS-C but still like to know how its compare to the 6D's f/4?

I also did some research on affordable wide angle lens within my budget and found Samyang 14mm f/2.8. Is it a good one to consider with 6D or 70D?

Looking forward your suggestion. Thanks in advance.



I searched the exact same things some time ago. Canon 6D is great on high ISOs. And if you don't need the 50 Mpixel of the 5DSR, don't want to put 1500€ more on the 5D mark III for shoothing sports or fast moving things, it seems to be the way to go for a Canon full frame. I've also found that Samyang (also known as Rokinon in some countries) 24mm/f1.4 and 14mm/f2.8 are really great lenses for milky way shots (just search "rokinon milky way" on google image to be amazed). And they are not as expensive as Canon lenses (between 300 and 500€) and they even seem to be better on some points.

There is also the Sony a7R ii that is really great in low light but it's expensive.

Nazmus Sakib

New time-lapser

Thanks all for your reply.

Yes, finally after having a lot research ... I bought 6D with 24-105mm F4 :)

In the coming New Moon I am planning to do some shots of MilkyWay.

Yes, Samyang/Rokinon looks very cost effective solution. I'll try to get one ASAP.

Thanks again.

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