Memories of a Traveler - Take a trip through northern Argentina and Chile


New time-lapser
It took me 5 years to shoot a short film about northern Argentina and Chile, 10 months to send it to film festivals and today I'm uploading it to the Internet. You can see the short film here:

English subtitles are available!

Memories are a strange thing. They are similar to dreams in a sense, it’s that almost blurry thing that we can only see in our mind, but no matter how hard we try, they never become as sharp as the moment we lived.
Memories of a Traveler explores the wonders of nature during day and nighttime from the perspective of a traveler (and photographer) that doesn’t want to forget all the moments he’s lived and places he’s been to. This serves as the perfect excuse to showcase the beautiful landscapes around Northern Argentina, the Puna and Chile, with inhospitable places, extreme weather and as desolate as places beyond our own planet.

If you want to learn more about the project, please check this blog post on my website:


Such beautiful scenes. The storytelling is nice and contributes very well to the atmosphere and overall experience.

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