LRTimelapse doesn't seems to do much with Holy Grail


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Goodmorning everybody,

Did some editing on an other holy grail shot I've made yesterday night. I did 3 changes to the exposure during the shot.
What I did in post is the thing Stoutch talked about.

Open the folder in the Holy Grail workflow, working all that steps out and then switching to the Deflicker mode, and making all those steps out.
Guess what.. It's smooth!

Here is an example, what do you think?


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Thanks for the head up, forgot about the Facebook post.. Can't afford a bramper at the moment, but I'm really going to dive in to it!


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Somehow this shot above came out very smooth and everything did what it was supposed to do, no flikker in the shoot and a smooth holy grail.
The only weird thing is, I'm editing yesterdays holy grail right now, and I just can't get it smooth.
I do the following thing :

- Open the raws in LRTimelapse
- follow the Holy Grail methode
- Hit save when done
- Switch to the Deflicker module
- Skip the first line because it already done in the Holy Grail methode
- Hit reload, then auto transition
- Set a reference area on just the sky
- Hit Deflicker
- Make the line smooth
- Hit Save
- Import metadata from files in Lightroom

Boom, all my settings done in Holy Grail are gone somehow.
Think I'm missing a step/point somewhere, but don't know where..
Somebody knows what I'm missing?


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I think you are missing the cc step in lr.
the first pass in Lrt is basically the first two lines of buttons. Then hit save open in Lr do the cc on the 4 stars only, save metadata from lr and reload in lrt. finish up and save
then reload the sequence in lrt and do the deflicker but you will need the second lione of buttons only. Don't touch the first line

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