LRTimelapse doesn't seems to do much with Holy Grail


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Hi guys,

Working at the moment on a new project, and I'm using lots of sunset shots in it, ofcourse when I'm shooting it I have to change the exposure sometimes, no worries, let's fix that in LRTimelapse..

That isn't the case, I follow all the steps Gunther is showing in his video about the holy grail methode, but it still isn't smooth.

Here is an example shot, the result is the same everywhere, not really a flicker, but you really can see the exposure bumps. Not what LRTimelapse needs to do. (oh, by the way, my camera is not straight in this shot, I know, that's something I do in the final edit hahaha)

Somebody know why this is happening? Really need to have my shots as smooth as possible, but it doesn't really look likes LRtimelapse is making big changes..


Aaron Priest

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How much of an exposure jump did you do, and how much editing in the post-processing, such as shadow boosting, highlight recovery, etc.? I ask because dynamic range of cameras starts to diminish as ISO gets higher or the exposure slider in Lightroom gets pushed. Sometimes this still results in a slight flicker, particularly in the highlights.


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I will watch tomorrow to the editing and the exposure jumps, Aaron. Don't have my hard drive with me tonight.. I always let it drop -1 EV and then change it back to the good exposure.


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It looks like you didn't do the deflicker step after the holy grail method. I was having the same issue at the beginning. Try to give a pass with the deflicker method after the holy grail. Just treat the output from the holygrail as the imput for the deflicker workflow and see if that helps


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@ Aaron & Zoeperke, will make a screenshot of my edit settings in LR tomorrow.
@stoutch & Richard, so after I did the holy grail and did the last setting I have to open the folder with my XMP info and follow all the deflicker steps, then save those settings and then render out?

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