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Gunther released the official PR on LRTimelapse 4.6:


This release comes with some polishing and a few fixes. Here is, what’s new!
LRTimelapse 4.6 is a free update for all LRTimelapse 4 users.

Improvements in LRTExport Lightroom Plugin
  • Added a check to LRTExport that will detect before exporting, if a sequence has differing crop aspect ratios. Such cases would most likely make the video encoder fail later. This new check will allow you to fix the problem before exporting and thus save time.
  • LRTExport plugin now allows using the root of a drive as Output Path. I’d still recommend using a subfolder, but it does not fail anymore now.
Improvements and fixes in LRTimelapse
  • Visual previews will now be displayed respecting the image dimensions after cropping.
  • Scrollbar thumbs disappeared when a sequence of more then 1,000 images or a large folder stucture was loaded, fixed.
  • While importing, playback of a sequence would sometimes have stuttered, fixed.
  • When deleting or moving files while the previews were being loaded, the blue curve could get “gaps”, due to previews not loaded, this would for example prevent the Holy Grail Wizard from being enabled. this is not happening anymore.
  • When turning off the visual previews after deflickering, the green “smoothing” curve was not deactivated.
  • Resetting the visual deflicker via the “Reset” Button would not let you save the sequence without activating deflicker again, the same was happening when clicking on the table header of the deflicker column and selecting “Initialize”. Both will now completely clear the deflicker and let you save.
  • Added the display of a percent complete info below the preview when generating visual previews.
  • Play Button will now be deactivated when visual previews are activated but not finished generating.
  • Gained some space in the UI by moving the process indicator to the menu bar next to the other indicators.
  • Workflow buttons are a little bit wider now to prevent breaking labels on some mac systems.
  • Settings dialog is a bit wider now too.
Please enjoy the new version, I put a lot of dedication into it! Especially creating the new, signed installer for the Mac took me quite some days (thank you Apple for making things ridiculously complicated).


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