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Some good news just published by Gunther at LRTimelapse.
His software has been updated again, and you can download it.

Among the improvements:
  • Fixed problem with simulaneous exports via LRTExport – sometimes when the first part finished, the others were aborted too – this is a major improvement to the stability of the LRTExport plugin if you work with multiple exports in parallel.
  • LRTExport now transfers Exif-Data like Date-Time-Original to the LRT_ intermediary sequences – this was a user requests.
  • Automatically generated filenames by the render module sometimes did not reflect the resolution substring correctly, this has been fixed.
  • Outdated Visual Previews will now be refreshed immediately without first loading the outdated ones, this will save some time when working with the Visual Previews and Visual Deflicker
  • The “Create Visual Previews” batch operation can now be aborted.
  • Create Visual Previews Batch operation will now take care of outdated XMPs and redo the development for them.
  • Improved importer: processes can now be cancelled, better multitasking
  • UI: Added “Set Crop Keyframe (*****)” to Main Menu and Popup Menu
  • Renderer could fail when exporting and rendering in original size and the pixel dimensions were not multiples of 8, fixed. Now such sizes will be automatically rounded.
  • When working with incompatible XMP versions (LR3 mode), the Autotransition would crash, fixed. Like I already announced, the support for Lightroom 3 will be ended with the next major version of LRTimelapse (LRT5)
  • “Flat” DNG-Files, that means DNGs made from JPG or TIFF files, would not animate the WB, fixed.

The PR is available at:

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