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Hi Guys, I'm new here and I have searched here for an answer but can't find any.

I have started to do some time-lapse and really enjoying it. now I have been asked to to a long term time lapse for s construction work for about 4 months project.

I have seen some companies offering real time access to the photos taken from the camera to their customers with a web login, where can I get a service like that to my business so I can offer it to my customers?

and also I want to get some equipment to setup on site to leave the camera and there with weather proof for a long time.

Please can you kindly guide me on to where to get the service and also what equipment to get? I don't mind getting a new camera for it, but currently using Canon 5D MK3 and a 6D, but happy to get another camera with higher megapixels.

Thank you . and please help me.



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hey Mike
Does this help? you might leave a comment over there, the author (@photoSentinel) will surely followup, maybe over here too?


PS: can you please set your own avatar mate?


New time-lapser
If you are on a budget - DIY housing for the camera and use GBTimelapse on a laptop with Logmein so you can control remotely.

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