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New time-lapser
Good Evening! I am joining the forum today from Austin, TX USA and I am interested in very long term wilderness timelapse, including undeveloped urban parks.

Specifically, I would like to represent the restorative effect native grasses and other plants can have on stabilizing extremely eroded areas. I believe that only timelapse photography can tell this story, and I have not seen an example of this specific use to date.

Very much looking forward to learning and sharing as I experiment over what will probably be a very long time. My posts will not be frequent, but I hope to have some things to share after I have found techniques which will work for me.


If equipment is your concern, I'd recommend you to take a look at PhotoSentinel. They make some of the best long term timelapse equipment out there.
A DSLR/mirrorless cam shooting RAW is always preferred. Consider investing in a 4G module to let you remotely receive JPEGS and monitor the process from your desktop.
Sounds like a nice project!

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