Long term time-lapse Photosentinel mini unit for sale

Jakub Kolar

New time-lapser
FOR SALE: used Photosentinel Mini Time-lapse Camera system.

This was purchased for half year long contract for our company and is no longer required.

Like new! Still in original packing with all original accessories.

Original price was USD 4.295,-, now 2.990,-

This unit is perfect for capturing construction or nature time-lapse photos under any conditions. The unit is housed in an IP66 weatherproof housing, and electronics that have been tested from -30C to +50C, so you can pretty much install it anywhere also without power plug for months. System can be powered by included solar panel.
The system contains a 24MP APS-C FujiFilm X-A2 manual mirrorless camera with a 16-35mm lens, and a custom designed 3G intervalometer that allows you to trigger the camera and connect regularly to the 3G network to send photos, receive changes in settings, providing status updates and even performing over-the-air firmware upgrades. Every time photoSentinel connects, it sends status reports that you can view on any device. If something more serious happens, you can receive alerts via email and SMS.

Remotely configure over twenty settings from any device with a web browser.
• Change your photo regime anytime, anywhere.
• Trigger regular photos anywhere between one every few seconds and just one per week.
• Choose when to upload your images (every image as it’s taken, one per hour or as a batch overnight).
Self-contained and easy to install! No need for extra cables, mains power or weather protection.
• 10W solar panel and 10.2 Ah lithium-ion battery.
• 3G connection for photo upload and remote configuration.
• IP-66 weather-proof housing and rust-proof aluminium fittings.
• Tilt mounts on both the housing and solar panel for quick and easy installation on a pole or wall.

Our company is based in Prague, CZ. You are welcome to test the unit. Feel free to contact me.

Jakub Kolar


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