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I am selling my complete photoSentinel system, which was used on a 6-month project in Boston. This is a complete Solar-Powered and AC powered System with upgraded battery and solar panel for long-term time lapse projects whether you place it out in the wilderness or between towering skyscrapers in the city.

Thanks to the upgraded 30w Solar Panel and 12.4Ah battery pack this system will keep the entire system running continuously without AC power, indefinitely. The upgraded solar panel maximizes solar absorption to keep the battery charged, while the upgraded battery will keep your camera and controller running without the sun for over 10 days straight. This means you can place this system anywhere - between big city skyscrapers or out in the wilderness - and still keep going regardless of season or weather.

I purchased this system for over $5000 and am selling it for $2200 FOB Shipping from the Boston area. The system worked flawlessly on the job - all running off of solar power for 6 months. The system is compatible with Canon, Nikon, and various Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung DSLR's.

Here is the breakdown of what's included:

  • photoSentinel 3G Wireless Controller with SD Card Slot
  • photoSentinel IP66 Rated Housing (200x200x170mm)
  • Optically Pure (B270) Glass with sun shade
  • The window allows for a full view through a 10mm wide angle lens.
  • photoSentinel 240V AC to 18V DC Power Transformer
  • photoSentinel Pole Mount
  • Camera ball-head included
  • 30W (upgraded) Solar Panel and Variable Tilt Mount
  • 12.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Canon Camera Cable (Fits Nikon D3000 series)
  • Other camera cables available via Amazon and photoSentinel
  • SD Card connector cable
  • Triangle 8mm socket spanner
Benefits of shooting with a high-resolution system:

  • For the photographer: As well as producing a crisp HD+ final movie, high resolution allows you greater editing flexibility, as well as the ability in post-production to incorporate zooms and pans without any lose of quality.
  • For the project manager: With high resolution you can zoom right into the work site to capture details such as number plates and work specifics.
  • For the marketer: As well as having a HD+ time-lapse movie to promote, the print-quality photos can be used for magazines, flyers and even blown up for large posters, all without losing quality.

The photoSentinel controller:

  • Integrates with most DSLRs on the market;
  • Turns the camera on at set intervals and triggers a photo;
  • Reads the camera’s SD storage output and saves the photos to the on-board microSD card;
  • Connects to the internet over the 3G network to receive configuration settings, send status reports and upload photos; and
  • Charges the battery from the solar or AC power-source.

Grow your photography/production business with photoSentinel long term time-lapse! Construction time-lapse is the ideal compliment to your other services. With just one piece of equipment that integrates with your favorite DSLR and lens, you can offer HD time-lapse movies, marketing stills, remote project monitoring and insurance premium reduction to industries as diverse as construction, mining, agriculture, landscaping and any other that involves long-term processes. And with the live photoSentinel web gallery, you can charge for a monthly service and not just the end product.

Project managers

With photoSentinel, you can visit all your job sites without leaving your desk! The customizable online web gallery provides high resolution photos at regular intervals every day of your project. You can view live or past photos to see if it was raining on site (like the contractor claims) or zoom in to capture fine details like license plates. The continuous photo record of your job from start to finish may also lower insurance premiums and settle liability disputes. Partner with your marketing team to show the latest photo on your company website and use the final HD time-lapse movie to help win your next tender.

Marketing & PR

With 64% of online consumers saying they’re more likely to buy after watching a product video, you can no longer avoid video for your online marketing. And, when your product or service involves slow change over a long period, time-lapse is a great way to tell your story in a short, punchy video for use in marketing, PR and an engaging way to demonstrate your skills and experience when pitching for your next job. Whether it’s for a progress report, job tender or video content to send out with a media release, long term time-lapse will give your target market fresh insight into your services.


  • All-in-one - the controller triggers the camera, stores the photos, charges the battery and connects to the 3G network.
  • Low-powered - on the standard 12.4 Ahr battery, the system can last for more than 7 days without need for a recharge*, and longer with larger batteries.
  • PC-free - because there’s no power-sucking computer, you don’t need a large housing nor lots of power.
  • *at a shooting regime of 16 photos/day and in an area of strong 3G network signal.
  • 3G connectivity - There’s no need to visit the site and plug in a computer to configure the system or download photos, and real-time status reporting means you always know how your system is going.
  • Upgrade over the air - The photoSentinel technology is continuously being improved and firmware upgrades can be performed over the air.
  • Easy troubleshooting - The LED indicator lets you know what the system is doing at any given moment (see the table on the right).
  • Extreme temperature-friendly - The photoSentinel controller has been successfully control-tested to -22°C (-8°C) and up to 45°C (113°F), and has been deployed to places as cold as the Canadian prairie and as hot as the Australian and Middle Eastern deserts.

3G Wireless Intervalometer

At the heart of the photoSentinel system is the low-powered photoSentinel controller, which triggers the camera and connects regularly to the 3G network to receive configuration settings, send photos and provide status updates.

The photoSentinel utilises HSDPA, the most common 3G technology around the world. Requiring just a SIM card, photoSentinel gives you the freedom to shop around for the best 3G.

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the photoSentinel controller is where all the magic happens!

Fully Solar Powered Time lapse

The photoSentinel’s proprietary low-powered electronics means the whole system can run off just a one (30W) solar panel. And if it’s cloudy, the 12.4Ahr battery will last 7+ days without recharge. The AC power cord (normally optional) is also included
* At a shooting regime of 16 photos/day and in an area of strong 3G network signal.

Wireless – Live Status Updates

Status reporting on the photoSentinel Quick View iPad app

There’s nothing worse than setting up remote time-lapse equipment, only to return in a month and discover the battery died weeks ago. The ability to check the status of your photoSentinel on the web interface and iPad app, and the automatic email and SMS alerts, gives great peace of mind knowing your system’s working and that it will let you know immediately if something goes awry.

Change Configuration Remotely

Configure your photoSentinel to trigger photos anywhere between one every second and just one per week. You can even change the regime mid-project, anytime and from anywhere! The web interface also allows you to configure when to upload your images (every image as its taken, one per hour or as a batch overnight), remotely format the microSD card and adjust your e-mail/SMS alerts.

Photos at your fingertips

Timelapse storage on the cloud. Customizable web gallery of latest photos, as well as all full-res photos sent straight to your Dropbox account or FTP server.

Full HD Time lapse Movies

The photoSentinel triggers a DSLR camera to take high resolution photos at regular intervals. These photos can be compiled into unique time-lapse movies that show the journey of a long-term project (e.g. the construction of a building) in just seconds. The high resolution images allow the post-production process to include zoom, pan and cropping without loss of quality. The photos can also be used for high quality marketing photos.

IP66 Weather Protection

The photoSentinel Housing is IP-66 weatherproof, keeping your equipment safe and dry, and are fitted with optically pure glass to ensure the best photos. The photoSentinel electronics have been successfully tested to -22ºC (-8ºF) and have been deployed to areas as hot as Dubai, Qatar and the Australian desert, and as cold as the Canadian prairie

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