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Nick Braun

New time-lapser
This is one of the sequences I shot yesterday, during our testing session with our LineLapse rig. Big thank you to Dynamic Perception for their continued help and development of user interface programs. With the Dynamic Perception NMX motion control App, I can now set up a 3 axis move while using our LineLapse rig. Its great to be making some progress on the development of this system. Here are some details about this sequence.
Location: Cline Falls, Deschutes River Oregon
Sequence Length: 1 hour
Images Captured: 362
LineLapse Length: 42 feet
Line Angle: 40 degrees
Stage R, Pan/Tilt: 115 degrees clockwise / 20 degrees down
These test results turned out pretty good considering the heavy winds, and the top anchor of the LineLapse being a tree. Do you have a crazy or fantastic idea of something we should shoot with our LineLapse, while we do more testing??? Let us know what you think! Thank You for your continued interest and support!


Nick Braun

New time-lapser
Another test. Considering how windy it was, and the fact that this was shot with a 24mm lens instead of my usual 14, I am pretty surprised with the results.


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These are super nick!
You should start putting together and release a full short video project ;)

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