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During my 2 week trip to Tenerife in August 2015, more than 10.000 pictures were made. Around 6.000 of them found their way into this timelapse video.

The real time behind all sequences together is around 11h 20 min. Shot with a Nikon D750 and mostly the Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 lens.

This video demonstrates very well the capabilities and advantages of the PureMoCo camera motion control system. The compact and lightweight carbon slider, pan-tilt-head and controller are the perfect equipment for such trips. Due to its compact design, all components could be fitted into the normal luggage for traveling and inside a photo backpack for on-location transport.


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Overall I believe it's a pretty nice one, but I would have made each sequence last less (I mean, from the same POV, as I wrote about it in my artile on the Mistakes to Avoid)

that said, I'm sharing this video on TLI and TLN Social platforms!

thank you!

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