LEVITATE: A hyperlapse and Google Maps experience


Hi everyone,

I've been working on a bit of a different kindof timelapse & hyperlapse project. By spending countless hours meticulously stiching and animating Google Maps imagery, I managed to make a really dynamic and somehow surreal feel to my shots.
Hope you like the result and feel free to share around.



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fantastic piece of art, so smooooth!

Would love to feature this on both Time Lapse Network and Time Lapse Italia.

If you're happy with it, please submit its details thoroughly at:

and wait for my confirmation here!

Thank you so much for doing so,

PS: Should the form hang forever, it's 99% sure I got everything actually so please do not submit it 10's times :)


New time-lapser
Love it Jonas.

I am really looking forward :
Thanks Darren. Once Earth Studio becomes properly accesible, I will be able to make even better and smoother moves.
I did not know about that.. I was actually taking some days for researching about propper usable 3D Earth-Globe Simulaters even from non-google Developers for that reason. (You know.. for a pimping up my hyperlapses .. especially for the upcoming "movie") You know what I mean? There are some...but of course they do not have this gigantic database as google has. At the end, I would of course want to also sell my [self made 3D Planet - "Animation"-Sequences] and not only the merged hyperlapses, as it would only be half of the whole work. So I am pretty impressed, what you have created and I will keep two eyes on you ;)

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