Hello timelapse fellows!

Considering a camera upgrade next year, I am interested to know about your experiences with using the "lens twisting trick" on a Sony mirrorless camera like the Sony A7SII or A7RII mounted with metabone and some of my good Canon L lenses.

Is it even possible to choose an aperture on the Sony camera and make the Canon lens hold the aperture during shooting a timelapse?

I'm very used to simply holding the depth of field preview and releasing the lens and twisting it a bit from my 5D Mark III, resulting in a 100% aperture lock. I then start capturing my timelapse.

Is this also possible on the Sony A7R/A7S?

I mainly use the lens twisting to avoid aperture flicker in timelapse.

Looking forward to your answer
Jonas Hoholt


New time-lapser
Hey Jonas,
starting from a little bit different angle:
oficially Metabones says, that you shouldn't use m42 lenses with adapter for canon, because it can cause short circut and destroy the electronics. I use that, but I put a insulating tape on it to be sure. So I think the same thing is with twist trick, it should work, but I'm not sure it's safe. I've got speedbooster on GH4 but I won't try that cause I'm scared :p To be sure that's safe you can use a dumb adapter and a Canon camera to set the aperture on the lens, but it's a workflow, that requires second camera.

In summary, it should work, because the idea is to cut out the electricity when the aperture is set to desired number. I don't think something bad would happen, but if so, Metabones guarantee probably would not work there.

On the other hand, you should check the options on Sony cameras. In GH4 I've got "constant preview" option, which should set the aperture to desired and stay that way, unfortunately it's not working like that while taking a picture ;)


Hi Tomasz,
Thanks for your reply.
I've done some more research, and it turns out that it is actually possible to do the lens twist trick on the A7R with a metabone. Apparently, you have to release the lens on the metabone and not on the camera body itself.
Whether it is possible to customize a Depth Of Field preview button on the A7R remains unknown to me. As you may know, the DoF preview button is necessary on the Canon cameras to close the aperture down before releasing the lens.
However, it is said that the A7R/A7s has a constant aperture when the camera is turned on, and somehow it should be possible to close down the aperture before releasing the lens and locking it.

Ill try and do some testing by renting a A7R in the near future.

If you have other suggestions I will be happy to know about it.


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