Kessler Second Shooter vs Dynamic Perception Sapphire Pro + Stage One: help!


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Hey guys, first post for me - I have been doing photography for a long time but am interested in doing some timelapse. I also need the equipment to do stuff for work that will include video work for promotion (office scenes, logos, equipment, etc).

I would like 3 axis as it seems to offer the most options (at a cost I know). For me simplicity and ease of use are important. At this point within reason I have more money then time so I am not looking for something where I am piece mealing and trying to make things work.
I am willing to pay for a product that is intuitive and user friendly (once I get past the initial learning curve at least).

Seems to me the Dynamic Perception Sapphire Pro + Stage One PLUS carbon fiber slider package , or the Kessler Crane Second Shooter would work well for the promo video and interview work I would like to do.

One caveat is I'd like to also use this for personal use doing timelapse of the Aurora. Once challenge will be the need to stop for longer exposures (usually 1-8 seconds, on occasion more. That will necessitate a stop, shoot, move situation.

I am still researching, but I think both of these systems are capable of that. Is that correct?

One other thing, and this is more technique oriented.

With the Aurora often I will drop the exposure since the intensity of the Aurora can vary so much even in a short period of time (min to min). I realize this will cause issues with flicker (particularly if it is a snow scene, maybe less so if it is just black silhouettes of trees). I have an after market intervelometer (the good Canon one) and I think both of these other systems have them built in.

Can you override these mid shoot to alter the exposure on the fly and have the stop, shoot, move adjust accordingly? I realize I will have to do some post process batch foreground masking to adjust the exposure and lower any flicker.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.


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I have the DP Sapphire Pro + Stage One. It's solid as rock and well-built and it does shoot move shoot. However, I've used it for timelapse only, so don't know how well it performs with regular video. If regular video will be your main activity, you might want to look at the Emotimo Spectrum as well. I remember that there was a good comparison table between these sliders, but can't seem to find it right now. Will post if find.

As to exposure, that's usually not controlled by the motion software. You set the interval between the moves according to the maximum exposure that you expect, and then you set the exposure in camera to something that's less than the interval. If you want to align the interval more closely to the actual exposure time (so in a sunset the exposure would increase, and you want the interval to increase as well), you need another external ramping device that controls both the camera (to set exposure) and the moco unit (to send a signal when it needs to move). Devices that can do this are for example the View+, the RamperPro and the LRTimelapse Pro Timer Free.
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I have the dynamic perception system (stage one + Saphire Pro). Actually I review both systems on this website:

I don't really used Kessler that much but I know many professionals who use it and they love it. I think both systems are good. Kind of like BMW or Mercedes ;)
Personally I only use it for timelapse so I can't say much about video except that the motors on the DP systems are a bit noisy, nothing dramatic but you might pick up the noise with a mic on the slider (not something you would do anyway, put a mic on a slider..). For interview with proper mic on the person it would be fine because the motor noise is weak (kind of like a lens focusing).

I am still researching, but I think both of these systems are capable of that. Is that correct?

>> YES, they are

Can you override these mid shoot to alter the exposure on the fly

>> I have the dynamic perception system, basically you can control the exposure, the system only send a "take a picture" signal like a regular intervalometer. You don't need to add an external intervalometer. The motion controller (NMX) controls the motors and interval in order to get the right stop-shoot-move. I adjust the exposure all the time for sunset or sunrise timelapse. I set my interval time (eg. 10 sec) and then I manually adjust the exposure if necessary between the shoots. The NMX controller is also compatible with external ramping devices such as Ramper Pro or VIEW.


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Thanks for the input guys. Yes I think the Dynamic Perception system is probably the ultimate, but maybe a bit larger, and more importantly louder than I'd like. I do intend to be doing video interviews. Looks me like the Rhino Evo + Arc is also a good setup (though not 3 axis). Any thoughts on that system? It keeps coming up in my searches.

Make total sense the timing of the move vs the duration the shutter speed...thanks for mentioning that!


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hey IPT,

just don't forget that should you opt for the DP one, if you want to support this site you could basically buy it from their store online by clicking any of our links like this: Dynamic Perception.

This will give a few bucks to the project, helping to maintain the forum and the site.

Thanks for considering it ;)

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