Kessler Crane Second Shooter - my tips and tests

Henry Young

New time-lapser
I've had my Kessler Crane Second Shooter for a while now and I find this really great. I've used Dynamic Perception and Emotimo before but I wanted to purchase my own system, and so chose the Second Shooter.

I want to use this thread to provide members of this forum with any tips I have on how to use the system, test videos, behind the scenes footage, etc.

Here is my current motion-control setup:
  • Kessler Crane Second Shooter 3-axis system
  • Kessler Crane ShuttlePod Mini
    • 3ft track
    • grabber wheels (necessary for vertical moves)
  • Manfrotto 190XPROB (x 2)
  • Bescor 12v lead battery
  • Tamrac Expedition 8x
  • Portabrace TLQB-39XT
Here are a number of test videos I have shot with the system:

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Kessler Crane, so you get my honest opinion!

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