Issues with JPG in LRTimelapse instead of DNG?

Guillaume Jaecques

New time-lapser

I'm new to the scene of timelapsing and currently in a learning process on how to implent LRTImelapse in my current workflow.

I've experienced some issues when I use JPG photo's, that don't occur when I shoot in RAW. I know that a lot of photographers give the advice to only shoot in RAW since you have more options in post, but I've got some sequences shot in JPG that I really like to render.

The problem with the JPG files is that after I've set my keys and made changes in Lightroom, when I reload all the new metadata on the JPG files, that LRTimelapse doesn't show any changes in exposure or anything in preview... Don't know why...

Now I want to use DNG converter from Adobe and maybe try it that way, but I would like to learn the correct flow when using DNG files, like how the conversion works, what the settings are and how to use them in LRTimelapse. Anyone knows of a good tutorial that explains this?


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