Image artifacts when importing 4K images in Premiere: how to fix?


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Ok thanks, I created a preset sequence that the frame size is 3840*2160.
A small question: i'm shooting full RAW, the jpeg is 5760*3840 if i dont crop it. so when i import a movie rendered from LRT the frame size is 3840*2560 when I import it the image is Distorted a little bit, and when I import the full res Jpegs (skipping LRT)
here the image is cropped. How do I solve this? what are you doing to solve it?
I can crop the image 16*9 in lightroom but then the full image that I took has cropped..


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Not familiar with Premiere for timelapse but it looks like a ratio issue. 4k 3840*2160 is in 16:9 while your camera is in 3:2 ratio


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Exactly. what are you Suggest to solve it in the best possible way? how do you solve it in AE? do you crop the images in lightroom before import them to AE?

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