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Hi there,

Nice to see a dedicated mobile apps forum.

I wanted to share a project we have started back in 2013 with the desire of creating the best possible App for capturing timelapses on iOS devices and remotely controlling DSLRs - the IguanaLapse app.

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IguanaLapse iOS is the first timelapse app that is easy to use and brings you powerful features you need to shoot amazing timelapses using iPad & iPhone built-in cameras.

The first version of the App was released back in July, and as of today just about to launch IguanaLapse V2 including powerful Galileo Motrr support for motion-controlled iPhone timelapses and full iOS7 redesign.

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But that's just the beginning… iOS timelapse shooting usable for timelapse professionals is just a basis, but our main goal is making it possible to fully control DSLR cameras using iOS devices.

At the moment we have simple triggering (since V1) using IguanaMill Shutter Release Dongle - so you connect your iPhone/iPad to the DSLR camera and use it as a pretty advanced intervalometer.

The next, and the main step, is still ahead of us - full DSLR control including setting all parameters live, enjoying LiveView and very advanced timelapse features right on the iOS device screen.

The hardware is already done, we have also an early alpha software and it all looks very promising (including smooth live view on iPad), but there's still an enormous amount of work ahead of us.

You'll find more details on the website at http://iguanamill.com.
IguanaLapse can be downloaded from the AppStore and all the updates will be free.

Marco has also reviewed the app some time ago on TLI

So that's about it… If you have any needs or ideas on the features and functionalities you'd like to have in such app, just let me know. That's the reason I'm starting the discussion.


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=== NOTICE ===
Just a quick one for those coming to this thread in the future: the IguanaLapse iOS app has been phased out, and removed from the AppStore.

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