I need the perfect slider: any suggestion?

Joey 1982

Hey everyone,

I'm so happy to join you here.

I was looking and searching for all kind of slider that you can imagine and I've watched many tutorials hoping to find the best but I'm not satisfied, so I'm going to tell you what I need and you give me suggestions.

# Motorized slider for Time Lapse and Live Video includes:
1- One motor with multiple speed and does time lapse too + S-M-S mode
2- Very good quality and strong enough to carry Canon 7D and Pan/ Tilt head.
3- I checked this one http://store.emotimo.com/rhino-slider-pro-4ft--emotimo-belt-drive-from-rhino-p72.aspx but I'm not sure if all features that I mentioned meet with this slider?
Has anyone seen it or tried it before?

Waiting for your replies guys.

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