#HyperVR360 for Aerial VR 360 Hyperlapse (Motion VR 360 Timelapse)

Andrii Shramko

New time-lapser
My name Andrii Shramko and I invent my own devise #HyperVR360 for VR 360 Aerial Hyperlapse (Motion Timelapse video)

#HyperVR360 in motion:

Flat VR 360 test 2:

First test from it:

Flat VR360 test 3:

Full test Real VR 360 version:

NO DADIR CORRECTION. It is original view from VR 360 camera

I am looking for a partner, company, firm with which we will be able to create a series of such devices for different VR 360 cameras according to my patent.

Best regards
Andrii Shramko


Time Lapse Network Founder
Staff member
Unfortunately not.

Didn't you try kickstarter to fund raise your project?

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