#HyperVR360 for Aerial VR 360 Hyperlapse (Motion VR 360 Timelapse)

Andrii Shramko

New time-lapser
My name Andrii Shramko and I invent my own devise #HyperVR360 for VR 360 Aerial Hyperlapse (Motion Timelapse video)

#HyperVR360 in motion:

Flat VR 360 test 2:

First test from it:

Flat VR360 test 3:

Full test Real VR 360 version:

NO DADIR CORRECTION. It is original view from VR 360 camera

I am looking for a partner, company, firm with which we will be able to create a series of such devices for different VR 360 cameras according to my patent.

Best regards
Andrii Shramko

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