How to remove birds from a time lapse? After Effects video tutorial

Discussion in 'Photo Post Production' started by Nate Wetterauer, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Nate Wetterauer

    Nate Wetterauer New time-lapser

    Does anyone have a technique for getting rid of birds? everyone and a while I'll get a bird that flys across my frame close enough to the camera to ruin a shot. any suggestions?
  2. stoutch

    stoutch TLN Community Manager Staff Member

    You can use the clone tool in after effect. Check this tutorial (around half of it)
    Or just look for clone tool in after effect on youtube a d you'll find a million different tutorials
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  3. simoune01

    simoune01 Time-lapser

    I have a better tutorial for this :

    Hope it helps! :)
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  4. New time-lapser

    hello together.
    seems like the second method doesn't work with the new versions of after effects but the first method is very useful
    thanks a lot !
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  5. marcofama

    marcofama Time Lapse Network Founder Staff Member

    thanks for the follow-up, BST!
    If you find other video tutorials on YT that might help, please feel free to share them with us!
  6. Nguyen Hai Nam

    Nguyen Hai Nam Time-lapser

    use ND filter to next time shooting
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