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hey guys,

Long term time-lapse is a topic which is gathering so much attention:
  • Several people are asking on our forums how to perform a long term timelapse
  • Matt Salter's "How to shoot a long term time-lapse" tutorial is one of the most viewed contents on Time Lapse Network
I would love to bring all the open discussions to a main one, so please feel free to join the discussion and talk about long term timelapse photography here!

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Long Duration Timelapse project Planning?

Anyone here had experience with something of this nature? Mentally looking to plan a 1yr time-lapse to show possible coastal erosion on some small islands in the Pacific. The sequence will be a part of a bigger project that visually reinforces the threat of rising seas etc. It is a location that would function with a solar powered option so that side of things is covered.

Main concern in how to keep any container covers relatively clean seeing as this will be in an isolated and uninhabited region. Just waiting to hear back from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Tourism of the place to see if they would allow that shot to be set up.

Anyone with long duration shoot set up it would be good to know what kind of intervals work best. I was hoping to get two frames a day in daylight hours away from too early or late in the mornings and afternoons to try and retain a steady light level throughout.


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Hey Mark,

I recently made a short video on tips for shooting and editing long term time-lapse, which you can view here: (third video down the left hand column).

In short, with long term time-lapse you want to overshoot, because there will be frames that you won't want to use. No matter what you do, the flicker is going to be enormous and there's not much you can do to limit that during shooting; you should shoot in aperture priority, which will lessen it a bit. So, post-production is where you an smooth out the lighting changes by balancing exposure and interpolating frames. I strongly recommend using LRTimelapse for this.

Does this begin to answer your questions? Feel free to shoot through some more questions and I'll see what I can do to help.




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Long Term time-lapse of a sculpture: any help?

Hi All, I am new to this forum. Got a handle on timelapse but have a question about an extended TL shoot. I have been asked to do a video combined with a TL of a sculptor creating a piece from start to finish. The project is about 4 weeks long and I was wondering if I could get some advice on how many shots, at what intervals and how many shots per session would create the perception of the work "coming to life" with the artist. The video I can handle its the latter I need some advice on.


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From Facebook:

Bengamin Jerrems
If you are roughly working 5hrs a day for 7days for 4 weeks and your output length would be say...10sec timelapse (24fps). That would be 1 frame every 35m for 5 hrs. Total frames shot would be 240 frames, Time shooting would be 140hrs...Hope my math is correct
Math is the key...

Shay Finkelman
1- U can use the Timelapse Calculator:

2 - For long term time lapse photography, u can use this kind of camera:
Good Luck.
More answers might appear over TLN Facebook too:

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Yes indeed everything is just math, however different math would give different look. Also I would be using a Nikon d810 and probably Syrp slider and 2 or and 3 axis motion control and am not intending to buy other gear at present.

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