how to....crop to 16:9 in After Effect?

uh......a purely amatuer question, but i really didn't know

i would like to crop my timelapse sequence to 16:9 ratio in After Effect so i don't have to waste time
exporting to JPG and do cropping on Lightroom

i know "region of interest and crop comp" method but only manually, but i find its so hard cropping 16:9 100% precisely

help me, i want to shorten my workflow, and i have this trouble for quite a long time


Active time-lapser
Import your photo as a sequence. At this point the video "framing" will look like your camera sensor (3:2 for most DSRL, 4/3 for Micro 4/3 camera, etc)

What you need to do is to go to the top bar and select COMPOSITION > COMPOSITION SETTINGS
Inside the window you can select the presets or change the size manually (1920*1080, 3840*2160, etc.)

Finally you must adjust your sequence to the new settings. Most likely you'll have to adjust the Scale and Position in the video track settings.
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