How to clean a DLSR sensor - Tips

mark thorpe

I've only ever used the dry method with an Arctic Butterfly brush from Invisible Dust. I just don't like using anything liquid based on a sensor, whether it's designed for it or not. It just acts as a magnet for dust. I base this on 22yrs as an underwater cameraman who in that time very seldom used silicone grease on O'rings for housings etc. There are even some housing manufacturers who suggest not to grease their O'rings.

Just a personal preference. I find I can clean the sensor adequately within about five to eight minutes.


I've used the Gel Pen sensor thing, It works very well, and real easy to use, no chemicals, no liquid. Just dab the gel tip on the sensor, and pull off any dust. And clean the tip on the supplied sticky material. Place the pen in the storage container, for another day. They say you can use it multiple times.

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