How do you support your MoCo system?


New time-lapser
I've gotten fairly comfortable with my DP system over the past 2 weeks and am now trying to figure out the best way to support it (beyond using just the bipods).

I purchased 2 Zomei Z818 tripods off of Amazon to use at each end but thus far I'm not loving the results. The tripods aren't expensive, but the weight capacity seems fine, I just don't like how I have to play with them so much. Its tough to get them to not rock a bit, and its tough to get the slider perfectly level. Ive tried with and without the ball heads.

So what is best practice? Is there something else I can try with these 2 tripods or am i better off doing something else, like 1 heavy tripod, etc?


I often spread out all the legs on both tripods and extend the legs a bit more. That will give you a bit more stability. Also Ive mounted this, which seem to hold the slider a bit better than only regular ball heads
At least thats the experience I have with my Stage Zero slider, but thats quite a heavy rig, and even then I often run into issues in heavy winds, so I only aim for using my slider in realtively calm weather. Mounted with an Emotimo TB3 on top of the slider, heavy winds are always a deal breaker

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