Hola a todos los Timelapsers, me llamo César Olivares y soy Fotógrafo, llevo haciendo Time lapse 1 año y medio y aún me queda mucho que aprender, espero ver y disfrutar todo lo ofrece esta Unión Internacional de Timelapsers.
Por lo que veo aquí hay gente muchos los rincones de la Tierra, eso me alegra mucho, también hay un nivel máximo de creatividad.


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Hi Cesar! Thanks for joining us. I just need to ask you to write in English so everyone can understand and give you as much help as possible. I hope this won't be a problem for you (i guess you can get some help from google translate :) ) if you can, try to introduce yourself and tell us what kind of gear you have! Bye Alan
Hello, my name is Cesar Olivares and my photographic equipment is:

Canon 7d
Canon 100d
Canon 350d


Sigma 70-300
canon 15-85
tokina 11-16 f2, 8
Canon 50mm f1, 8
tamron 17-50 f 2.8

Sorry about the language, greetings


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No worries! Thanks for this! Very much appreciated.
By the way, very nice equipment you have! Looking forward to see some of your creations! Enjoy your stay here on TLN!


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Ciao César, very nice to see you mate!
Thanks for the effort, I know that English language can be a little problem for some of us, but don't worry: it'll pay you back :)

Take care and thanks for introducing yourself!

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