Hi from Santa Barbara CA

Frank Kinnaman

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My name is Frank, I have been following on Facebook for awhile. Its great to make an account here formally as I have seen some great things just following that way. cheers on the great work.
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Frank Kinnaman

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Hi Alan, I am on team nikon (d600 and d7000). I have a sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 wide angle lens which is meant crop body but I am still using for wide angle stuff on full frame until I get more organized :) I have a 85mm f2.8 tilt shift lens from ukraine I believe "arsat" or "photex". I have a 50mm and a 180mm prime lenses as well. For holy grail time-lapse I really like the "dslrdashboard" android app, thats been great. I posted on the slider forum about my homemade slider system. here is that link again. http://usefulbot.com/?p=11
happy to answer any other questions - great work you do here.
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A very warm embrace from Italy too Frank.. Thanks for joining this community!

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